Florida Real Estate Closings and Title Insurance

Real Estate Transactions

Gabriel M. Burgos, PLLC wants to be your choice for all your real estate closing and title insurance needs. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing I can help you with your transaction.

My office offers a wide range of residential and commercial real estate settlement services such as:


Contract Review

I can review your Real Estate Purchase Contract and provide you with legal advice on your rights and responsibilities under the contract.


Title Search & Status

I review local records and verify that there are no unresolved claims or liens on the property’s title.


Issuance of Lenders & Owners Title Insurance

Even the most detailed and thorough Title search is not perfect and there might be issues with the title that surface after closing. For these situations, I provide Title Insurance for lenders and owners to avoid the financial devastation that title issues could bring to the new owner.

  • Lenders require a title insurance policy to protect their investment. You should also have a policy to protect your investment. For a one-time fee paid at closing, an owner’s policy can protect your property rights as long as you or your heirs own the property.
  • An owner’s policy protects you from:
    • Unpaid mortgages,
    • contractor’s liens,
    • tax liens,
    • child support liens,
    • missing heirs that claim the property belongs to him or her,
    • missed easements or rights of way that could limit your use of the property, and
    • other problems that might challenge your ownership rights to the property.


Document Preparation

I work with you, your agent and your lender to prepare all the necessary paperwork for closing the transaction. As a real estate law professional, I stay informed of state and federal regulations to make sure that all of your documents comply with applicable laws.


Closing Coordination

Once your transaction is ready for closing, we will coordinate with you, your agent, your lender, and the seller to get everything ready for the closing day. Closing coordination requires me to verify that all the legal requirements are met and that your transaction is ready to close.



As your closing agent, I act as a neutral third-party overseeing the transaction making sure that all required documentation is signed with the necessary formalities to ensure that the property passes from seller to buyer and that the mortgage package is properly signed and funds are properly disbursed to the parties involved in the transaction.


Filing & Recording

After your closing, I will file the deed and documents for recording in the county were the property is located.